Australia's Top 8 Film Festivals

Australia's Top 8 Film Festivals
australia film festivals tropfestAs Australian films, actors, directors, screenwriters and producers gather enjoy a blossoming recognition in the country and abrod, the blog specialized in Film festivals movr has published a list of the top 8 film festivals for 2013 Down Under.
1) Tropfest: “The world's largest short film festival” takes place annually plus international versions. This year it was celebrated on February 17 in Sydney.
2) St Kilda Film Festival: features “The Top 100” Australian shorts. This year it celebrates its 30th anniversary and it will take place in Melbourne from May 23 to June 1st.
3) Sydney Film Festival (SFF): is “Australia's film showcase”. It was established back in 1954, so now it is pushing 6 decades. It will take place in Sydney from 5 to 16 June. It offers Australia's largest prize pool ($84,000).
4) Revelation – Perth International Film Festival: “focuses on progressive cinema”. It is celebrated from the 4th to the 14th of July.
5) Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF): “The World's largest showcase of Australian cinema. It takes place in Melbourne from 25 July to 11 August. It was founded in 1951 and thus it is Australia's oldest film festival.
6) Adelaide Film Festival (AFF): “Celebrates the screen in all its diversity”. It takes place every second year and on 2013 it is celebrated from 10 to 20 October.
7) Canberra International Film Festival (CIFF): “A 12-day showcase of the best films from around the globe”. Film aficionados will be able to see in it from October 30th to November 10th.
8) Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF): “Provides a focus for film culture in Queensland”. It is celebrated over 14 days from mid to late November.
Australian film festival offer unique opportunities for both filmmakers and film lovers. The first enjoy an incredible opportunity for exposure, awards and prize money. For the latter, film festivals offer access to the largest array of Australian and International movie variety, rarely found in regular cinema programs.
Antony Hing, writer at the popular film festival site commented, “It is the high proportion of international film content actively sought by many of Australia's best film festivals to supplement domestic content that makes these festivals among the most popular choices for indie and emerging filmmakers from Australia, the USA, EU, Canada, Asia and other international filmmaker communities”.
He adds, “Australian film festival audiences continue to affirm their enthusiasm and appetite for a high level of creative and cultural diversity, if one considers the sustained levels of attendance numbers, with several events attracting in excess of 100,000 fans”.
Antony notes, “Tropfest Australia, in Sydney has a typical attendance of 150,000 and 1,000,000 TV viewers. St Kilda Film Festival in Melbourne, will attract close to 300,000 fans. Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia's oldest, will attract about 200,000 movie buffs. While Sydney doesn't yet beat these audience numbers it trumps the rest with the biggest prize pool, last year awarding prizes totalling A$84,000 across 7 films.”
However, what makes a festival an ideal event for one filmmaker is likely to be different for another, "so we decided to make it easy for filmmakers to find out which of these Film Festivals will best fit their promotional needs. Filmmakers can visit and compare these eight film festivals across more than 15 major attributes and key dates – all in one spot”, said Antony, co-founder of the popular social movie site
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