Best Jobs in the World


Best Jobs in the World
best Jobs in the worldAre the Mondays blues getting you down? Imagine exploring a tropical island, hiking through ancient rainforests and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef... and getting paid for it. Too good to be true? Well, this dream became a reality for one lucky adventurer back in 2009 as part of the Best Job in the World Campaign.
Now it is your chance to make this fantasy come true. This year, the offer is back, but this time it comes multiplied by half a dozen.
Tourism Australia offers you the chance of a lifetime to work in one the six amazing jobs it is promoting -each with a six-month contract and a salary package worth AUD $100,000. Each job is located in an spectacular area of the country, showcasing the best of Australia and what the country has offer the world's youth travellers. An incredible job, an attractive salary and a dreamy location. What more can you ask for?
The jobs include Chief Funster (New South Wales) -put up some of the state's biggest and boldest parties, festivals and events; Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory) -uncover the best adventures and experiences for working holiday makers; Park Ranger (Queensland) -protect and promote Australia's natural wilderness; Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia) -educate visitors about Kangaroo Island's outstanding ecosystem; Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne) -capture this cultural city's lifestyle in pictures; and finally Taste Master Western Australia -become a connoisseur of Western Australia's produce, gastronomy and vineyards and then promote it.
In an exclusive interview for with Senior PR Executive, UK & Northern Europe at Tourism Australia, Emma Bunning, we found out more about this successful campaign that has sparked youths around the world to get their dream jobs.
How many people have applied so far?
So far we have had over 365,000 applicants, with 52,403 applications from the UK. There has never been an initiative quite like this in the past and so there is nothing to directly compare this to. Tourism Queensland ran Best Job in The World in 2009 and had around 34,000 applicants in total to give this some context. But Best Jobs in the world is slightly different in that we are offering 6 jobs this time.
What is the criteria used to determine who will win the competition in each category?
We are looking for five key elements from the videos: English language proficiency, personal presentation, technical proficiency as shown in the video (good sound and vision quality is vital), content and experience, creativity, originality and motivation. Proficiency in English is a must as the successful applicant will be working in Australia where English is the most commonly spoken language. Personal presentation is also important in such a high profile position. The technical proficiency demonstrated in the video application is an important element, as the job requires the successful applicant to produce blogs and video diaries.
Knowledge and experience of the job you are applying for as demonstrated by the content in the video submission is vital in assessing whether you are the right person for the job. Like any job you apply for, it's important to show you have researched the role and you explain how well you could carry out the responsibilities.
Demonstrating creativity, motivation and a genuine enthusiasm for this position is vital. We need candidates who can sustain worldwide interest for six months and have the energy to commit to a busy schedule during this time.
How is this initiative designed to benefit tourism in Australia?
‘Best Jobs in the World' is designed to promote Australia's Working Holiday Visa Maker Program to a global audience. Youth is an important target market for Australian tourism, currently representing 26% (1.6m) of all international visitors to Australia each year. Importantly young travellers tend to stay for longer, spend more and disperse more widely through the country than most other target segments, so they provide an excellent benefit to the economy, particularly in regional areas.
In addition, the fact that Tourism Australia, in conjunction with its State and Territory Tourism Office partners, is offering six jobs means that the campaign showcases a variety of experiences and locations that will appeal to the youth audience.
What are the implications of "Best Job in the World" for the economy?
In 2012 Working Holiday Makers contributed AUD$2.5billion to the Australian economy. On average Working Holiday Makers spend in excess of AUD$13,000 during their stay and contribute to regional economies and job creation – with every 1,000 WHM creating just over six full time equivalent jobs in the economy.

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