Chris Hemsworth rewards teenager


Chris Hemsworth(1)

The Aussie/Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth thought his personal cards and a wad of cash were gone for good when he left them at a restaurant. However, fate had a surprise in store for him when 17-year-old Tristin Budzyn-Barker contacted his representatives to say he had found the items and wanted to reunite them with their owner.

Chris wrote back to Tristin and gifted him the entire cash contents of the wallet, which he "never expected to see again".
Chris explained: "I went to pick up my wife and daughter from the airport and we were a little early so we were killing some time and went to have something to eat. It was a pretty rough little area and we sat down and I left my wallet on the table, and thought 'I'm never going to get it back, I'm never going to see it again.'
"My business manager contacts me because it's my address on my license, and this letter from this young boy (...) and he's found my wallet."
The 17-year-old admitted he was “speechless” to find the Hollywood actor's wallet. The everyday hero was bound to have yet another surprise when he was invited onto “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and there Ellen presented Tristin with a $10,000 cheque to be put toward his college fund, donated by image publishing company Shutterfly.
Apparently, the teenaged would have been content just to attend the taping of the talk show. Meeting Tristin on the show, “The Huntsman: Winter's War” actor added: “He sent the wallet to me and he said ‘P.S. Mum saw you were on Ellen this week and asked if we could have some tickets.'”
He said at Ellen's show that they investigated who the wallet belonged to and once he found out he said: “Mum, you know who this is? We found Thor's wallet”.
He asked Chris Hemsworth if he could write him a “thank you” letter because the teenager is trying to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, so Chris Hemsworth gave him the letter on Ellen show. The teenager wants the Eagle Batch to keep building shelters for horses.


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