Daniel Johns Aerial Love

It took over 8 years, and finally one of Australia's top musicians released an album that now needs a re-listen one year on. His debut song as a solo artist is titled “Aerial Love', an airy piece of modern pop he created with Lorde and Broods collaborator, Joel Little.daniel johns releases new album
Daniel Johns became world famous in 1994 as the front man of grunge band Silverchair. The band kept rising in popularity with their following albums to become one of Australia's most influential bands of all times. With Diorama, we could perceive the band's intention to swerve from its Grunge roots to become more alternative. The next album, Straight Lines, confirmed that this trajectory was meant to continue.
That was the last album Silverchair released as a band, but Daniel Johns also had side projects while he was in Silverchair and after. An diversion from rock music was latent in the music he released with another band he formed, The Dissociatives and other collaborations he was part of over the years, for instance with Kimbra.
However, an even more surprising collaboration was released recently in 2014 when Daniel Johns featured with rapper 360 in the single Impossible.
With the release of his new song, Aerial Love, Daniel Johns proves once again his capacity to surprise, revolutionize and innovate himself. Starting from Grunge to alternative rock, pop, rap and more soulful melody found in Aerial Love, Daniel Johns has shown himself to be an eclectic, curious and ambitious artist that lives to challenge himself, experiment with new music and evolve as an artist.
The song was accompanied by a trailblazing video created by using drone camera technology. The video was directed by Lorin Askill (Flume & Chet Faker, Phoenix and Sia's Chandelier editor. The video transmits the song's weightlessness, timeless, shyly carnal feel.
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