Learn to surf in Australia with Mojosurf



The idea of surfing might seem extremely slippery. For sure, your first attempt at surfing will feel like there is no way to keep your balance or ever stand on the board. But if you persevere, you'll soon be catching a wave and paddling back to give it another go.

Since it takes quite a while to master the art of surfing, the best way to learn is at a surf camp - a guesthouse with guides who take you to the beach every day and teach you in the water. It will force you to learn how to surf, instead of taking single lessons every once in a while, and you will meet people in process as well as you will find spots only the locals know. One of the best surf camps in the world is brought to you by Mojosurf.
Mojosurf caters specifically for beginners and intermediate surfers who want to learn how to surf or improve their surfing in a fun and safe surf culture environment. The surf instructors and guides will take you to the most suitable surf locations according to your progress and help you understand the surf conditions, locations, local cultures, customs and other need to know jive around. Beyond the surfing adventures, Mojosurf also offers a vibrant nightlife, adventurous road trips and stunning remote locations. You can find surf camps along the East Coast of Australia, such as Spot X in Arrawarra, Byron Bay and Brisbane.
Mojosurf was founded by two friends Nat and Dan, who were born and bred surfing on Australia's East Coast. They met in the surf and shared the same dream to give up their day jobs and enjoy a life of fun, surfing, adventure, travel and meeting new people.
In 1998 the mates turned their vision into a reality when they created the guided Mojosurf adventure cruising the Coast between Sydney and Byron Bay. This was the life: meeting new people, surfing every day, teaching surfing, travelling to the best surf spots, eating great food, having fun nonstop day and night, and living the dream.
Such a great experience could not remain a secret for too long and soon word spread that they best way to learn surfing and experience the surfer's lifestyle was to catch a ride with Mojosurf and let the good times roll.
Mojosurf's idea that everybody should experience surfing, the lifestyle and the culture in a fun and safe way has seen them expand and become one of the world's biggest surf tuition, travel and adventure groups.
Mojosurf now operates surf schools, guided surf adventure and surf camps in awesome surf locations like Australia's East Coast between Sydney and Byron Bay; Raglan in NZ and Bali and beyond.
The breaks around Byron Bay are a good place to start. Mojosurf takes you to the best beach for your ability and will get you back in time for happy hour. Accommodation includes dorm room, waterfront cabin or tipi.
There are also other activities you can do at the campsite. For instance, you can play some beach volleyball/football/cricket, paddle a kayak, kick back in a hammock or beanbag, shoot some pool, amongst others.
Nightlife include drinks around the campfire or a rowdy night in Byron Bay.


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