Pattinson heads to South Australia to shoot

Pattinson heads to South Australia to shoot The Rover
Robert PattinsonTwilight actor Robert Pattinson packed his talent and took the plane Down Under to shoot new thriller The Rover. Working alongside Australian actor Guy Pearce, Pattison will play a thief in the futuristic Western.
The film will paint a dangerous and dysfunctional near future set in the Australian desert. Perspectives for the set are promising as most scenes will be shot in the stunning Flinders Ranges, while others will be filmed in Adelaide Studios.
“It's set 20 years in the future, in Australia,” Robert Pattinson said recently of the film. “Basically, I'm an American whose brothers are in a criminal gang in Australia. Guy Pearce's character kidnaps me to try and find my brother. Other than that, it's really complicated. But it's cool. It's really fun.”
The movie will be directed by David Michôd, an Australian filmmaker and director known for the highly-acclaimed film “Animal Kingdom”, which he directed and co-wrote. “Animal Kingdom” tells the story of a seventeen-year old who, after his mother's death, goes on to live at his grandmother's house.
Far from finding a home and being safe, Josh finds himself surrounded by criminal uncles and a concealing grandmother. In the midst of corruption, drugs, murder and violence, Josh tries to survive with the help of a policeman. Undeniably, “Animal Kingdom” is a ground-breaking drama with a high dosage of emotion and tremor-provoking scenes. Should “The Rover” be anything like “Animal Kingdom”, it will be a marvelous film, indeed.
On another note, fans of the couple “Pattinson-Stewart” have their eyes and ears on alert mode to keep up to date with the status of their relationship. The couple had a rough summer after Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert with Snow White and the Huntsman director. Now that their relationship faces the trial of such a long distance, curious followers are eager to know if it will survive the separation.
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