Sex and the City Costumes Exhibition

Sex and the City Costumes Exhibition
sex and the city costumes australiaGet “Carried” away by Sex and the City's fashionable costumes. Fans will be able to see up close those iconic outfits that marked the style of those powerful women and created fashion victims/followers worldwide.
The New York City Style Exhibition -first if its kind in the world- showcases 40 outfits from the Sex and the City HBO series and movies at Chadstone Shopping Centre near the Australian city of Melbourne. The costumes will be on display from the first to the 31st of March.
The collection has been curated by the show's own Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning costume designer, Patricia Field. It was Field's brains, talent and sense of style what made the character of Carrie Bradshaw a fashion icon of the early 21st century. Field created a unique style for each character: Carrie is the uptown chic and creative urbanite with a free and fearless sense of fashion; Samantha's style is a symbiosis of sexy and elegance; Charlotte reflects with her outfits the Upper East Side with her preppy style; and Miranda -the successful lawyer- mixes corporate chic and androgynous panache.
Let yourself be seduced by New York City style and get a closer look to Carrie's voluminous Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, her beautiful “Carrie” necklace and even get to see her black diamond wedding ring.
Get inside the story and be mesmerised by layers and layers of the gorgeous Versace gown Carrie wore in Paris, when she was stood up by artist Aleksandr Petrovsky. And there is more... see Samantha's black CD Greene dress she wore to Carrie's rehearsal dinner, Charlotte's Oscar de la Renta Mexico maxi and Miranda's amazing Julien Macdonald frock she donned at Stratford and Anthony's wedding.
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