Sydney Comedy Festival

Sydney Comedy Festival
sydney comedy festivalLike Erma Bombeck said: “Laugh now, cry later.” And you will laugh because the ninth annual Sydney Comedy Festival is just around the corner. From 22 April to 11 May 2013, international and local world-class comedians will take over the event and fill Sydney's air with laughter.
The Sydney Comedy Festival Gala Night will open the event on April 22nd in Sydney Opera House with a selection of the best of the festival with a ninja first-rate host and more surprises. The prices range from $79.90 to $119.90.
As a prelude to the Festival, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan will take to the stage on April 11th. Famous for performing alongside comedy legends Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey in Saturday Night Live, the American comedian will bring his stand-up show to Australia for the first time. His performance will take place in The Enmore Theatre.
April 25th will be Chopper's Big F**kin Anzac Day. Best known for his impersonation of the infamous Australian criminal Mark Brandon “Chopper”, Australian performer Heath Franklin will bring crime comedy in all its glory to The Enmore Theatre.
There are no “like” buttons on the Enmore Theatre, so Internet sensations Superwog and Muchonny will have to rely on the big laughs of the crowd when they bring their YouTube performances to real life on April 28th.
British performer Stephen K Amos will have the opportunity to his famous “coon cheese” in Australia. On May 9th, Amos will supply the Festival with a dosage of witty and real life humour.
The Kransky Sisters, Mourne, Eve, and Dawn will perform their famous songs and tell their bizarre stories in the Seymour Centre on April 24th.
Some Australians thought they lost Jim Jefferies to the palm trees of Los Angeles, but he is coming back home to Australia and is bringing all of his self-righteous sense of humour with him.
And there is no real comedy festival without a contradictory band. British folk band Bad Shepherds play punk songs with traditional folk instruments... Too many adjectives come to mind. Original is for sure one of them. Indeed, it sounds like a promising performance!
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