Sydney Fringe Festival

Sydney Fringe Festival
sydney fringe(1)Arts and spectacle transform Sydney into a parallel universe in Australia's biggest spring party: The Sydney Fringe Festival. The Fringe is the city's independent festival for the visual and performing arts and it is also the largest alternative visual and performing arts and culture event in NSW. The festival showcases a myriad of disciplines such as arts, film, digital arts, comedy, music, theatre, musical theatre, circus/physical theatre, dance, cabaret, books, kids and family shows, poetry and special events.
The three-week festival challenges the eye of the visitor to take the risk and escape to a world of discovery and adventure, of beauty and oddness, in the form music, comedy, theatre, cabaret, visual arts and burlesque. The festival's disciplines also dance, music, sports, games, film, digital arts, books, poetry, kids and family shows and special events.
As they venture into that fascinating world of the arts, people can also satisfy their palates with food and drinks offered at restaurants and bars located at the venue.
Even though there was a previous Sydney Fringe Festival from 1994 to 2002 in Bondi, the present one follows the festival that commenced in September 2010 in the inner west of Sydney and was conceived as an open-access festival that gives everyone the opportunity to participate.
The Sydney Fringe takes place in multiple locations all over Sydney which include Leichhardt, Parramatta, Oxford Street and the City. Fringe Central –the largest one- covers the Inner West, Inner East and CBD and includes the Newtown/Marrickville/Enmore area, which enjoys the highest concentration of independent theatres and live performances spaces in Sydney and the largest artist population in Australia. Fringe Local takes in all other parts of the city.
The Fringe offers a large number of events. In 2012, 250 events across more than 70 venues took place. There is large number of events that are free, but for the ones that are priced, tickets are usually under AUS$30 and an additional $2.20 booking fee is applied per ticket. These are available to all shows on the official website or by phoning their box office on 9020 6980. If you want to attend, online registration for 2013 will begin in March.
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