The Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower Eye gets a Lindt chocolate make-over for Easter
sydney towe eye lindt chocolater australiaEgg painting and hunting, Easter bunnies and parades are things of the past. Building a chocolate replica of Sydney's tallest free-standing structure is the new way to celebrate Easter.
Indeed, to commemorate these festivities, the Sydney Tower Eye has partnered with world-famous chocolate makers, Lindt, to create a chocolate model of the iconic structure that is 1:100 in scale.
Master Chocolatier at Lindt Australia Thomas Schnetzier hand-crafter the two-metre chocolate miniature of the Sydney Tower. “It was quite a challenge making the Sydney Tower Eye sculpture. I have made some unusual things out of chocolate before but this has certainly been the most intricate” said Mr. Schnetzler.
He added: “The fun part was definitely adding the detail of the miniature chocolate figures on SKYWALK and the individual windows. I really hope people enjoy it!”
This partnership between the Sydney Tower and Lindt is the first of its kind in Australia. The project began back in February in the Lindt studies in Melbourne where bespoke moulds were filled 12.5kg of dark chocolate to create the turret of the tower.
Skill, attention to detail and over 40 man-hours went in to finishing the scale model. More than 300 windows were attached one by one to the four floors of the turret, while tiny figure were crafter to stand out on SKYWALK.
An exquisite edible gold spray was added to the sculpture to make it match with the 309m structure that towers over Sydney. At last, the installation was topped off with a miniature ‘chocolate city' at its base.
The chocolate sculpture will be on display at The Sydney Tower Eye until 28 April. And there is more! Visitors will not only enjoy the experience of seeing the scale chocolate model of the Sydney Tower but will also have the opportunity to win the equivalent weight of chocolate used to make the sculpture in an assortment of Lindt chocolate. Participants will be asked to describe, in 25 words or less, who they would share their Sydney Tower Eye Lindt chocolate prize with and why? Now that autumn has just begun, heaps of world-class chocolate sounds like the perfect prize.
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