Top Surf Spots in Australia

Top Surf Spots in Australia
The sun is out; the sky is blue, it's beautiful… and so is the Austral summertime! And we all know what that means: stop surfingand, waves and barbecue. Grab your surfing board, ignite your car and get ready to ride the swells across Australia's 37,000 km long coastline. As paradisiac beaches, reefs and epic point breaks surround the country, some of the best surf spots in the world are found Down Under. Hot, breezy, soul and blue, a rush of adrenaline, the danger factor and the freedom sensation never ends…
1) Superbanks, Gold Coast, QLD: This spot is at the very top of the world's breaks. Catch the wave and produce tubes and solid walls at this never-ending beach that extends for 2 km.
2) North Coast, Angourie to Byron Bay, NSW: When the surfing counter-culture became popular in Australia in the late 1960s, the NSW north coast became a Mecca for surfers. The point break at Angourie remained relatively unaltered for the next two decades. Today, the place is widely known as home break of Aussie surfing myth Nat Young. As the historical home of surfing, Byron Bay keeps the 70s hippie spirit alive and it is the place to let the weeks roll by, laid-back gatherings, communal drumming, live bands, relaxed cafes and, of course, reggae music fills the bars.
3) Noosa, Point Break, QLD: Remarkable for its genuine beauty, the point at Noosa has originated 200 metre rides on its proudest moments. Smaller swells can also be found, which are perfect for beginners eager to join the free-spirited world of surfers.
4) Snapper Rocks, QLD: This is a sand bottom point break considered one of the best surfing spots on the Gold Coast. Impressively so, “Super Bank” -the longest, most consistent and most hollow wave in the world- takes place in Snapper. Here it is not unusual for a wave to reach six to eight feet of height while one clean wave can transport the surfer for a distance of almost two kilometres.
5) Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms, NSW: When a south swell rolls in, the beaches at Seal Rocks may be home to legendary waves, curiously shaped by prominent headlands. Keep a look out for the dolphins. “Soul surfers” might find in this part of the NWS coast the perfect ambience for their lifestyle as it remains undeveloped and peacefully quite.
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